time for some spring cleaning in the white house


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stories touting the effectiveness of rahm emanual and jim messina in advising the president like these;


Buddy system? "He's not going to put pressure on me," says Sen. Max Baucus of his former aide Jim Messina.


 are laughable now….

i would like to suggest a think tank for these two…. for iran.

side by side politics….


i am getting tired of right wingers driving politics in this country and i am really tired of the limp-wristed hand-wringing democratic senate wimping out  with their technical political analysts telling the majority of the american public that public option and single payer is just not doable…..

not enough votes they say….

right wingers and republicans have been hitting you guys with all they’ve got. they have insulted your president, stood by and allowed hate groups and racists within their party to rant unchecked with tacit support.

democrats meanwhile, have responded with typical school-marm wrist slapping admonitions of tsk tsk…..

time to stand up for what is right in america boys and girls. it is time to finally come to grips with the realities of side-by-side politics….and by side by side, i mean give em both barrels just like they have been giving us for the last eight months. this absurd and reprehensible tactic of trying to make america fail so they can regain their selfish reign of the rich has to be dealt with once and for all.

here’s the deal. 72% of america’s physicians want a universal health care plan that provides for a public option for everyone. doesn’t mean you have to choose it , but it should be your choice to go with public option or to deal with the murderous private health insurance leeches who suck our blood for “coverage” we are not even ever sure we really have anymore….

72% is quite a large majority to convince democrats that congress needs to pass a universal health care reform bill with strong public option out of conference committee next week. once it is passed out of committee, then dare the republicans to oppose it. of course, the insurance weasels will be infuriated along with the republicans. so let’s put the republicans and the health insurers in bed together and treat them to a democrat induced shot-gun wedding. even if they mount an effort to stop health care reform, the resulting political firestorm from the majority of americans who hate their health insurers and the rising premiums will ensure at least two more election cycles of democrat gains and we can finally throw six feet of dirt on the party of the dead elephant once and for all.

that’s it….let’s flush this turd.

the health care reform bill with mandates to purchase policies from insurance weasels without public option is now officially dead as far as i am concerned. and if obama knows what’s good for him politically he will veto it. we need to pull the plug on this baucus p.o.s. and start over in 2012 with single payer and take no prisoners…….or better yet just cross out the part of medicare that says citizens over the age of 65 and simply replace it with citizens….

meanwhile to ease the pain and suffering of americans who are uninsured and under insured we need to pass a medical emergency bill instead that provides 50 billion over the next three years to community health centers for remedial health care to get us through until congress gets its collective head out of their asses and faces this problem head on instead of creating more shell games for us to figure out while they take bribes from the health insurers.

that is all. i am done backing this bill. in fact, unless a miracle happens in washington over the next few weeks, i intend to join all the opponents of health care reform this year. time to flush this turd.

over 50? max baucus is hanging you out to dry…


i am over 50 years of age and too young for medicare and i have about given up on any meaningful reform coming out of obama’s health care efforts with the crap that senator max baucus is pulling .

looks like this is change none of us can believe in anymore.

ladies and gentlemen…without further ado,

here is the weasel bill crafted by the health insurance leeches that max baucus has wasted all our time on…. lazy, good for nothing, corporate stooge copies the insurance industry wish list to hand us this worthless P.O.S.



at first glance- it looks like the mark-up will be a hoot! i mean eveyone is going to laugh at this thing. dave letterman should hand it to his comedy writers.

max actually takes a dire emergency like our crumbling health care system and manages to craft a bill which threatens to make it worse ….

from politico:

Wendell Potter, the former Cigna executive-turned-whistleblower, told a small group of reporters Monday that the Baucus health care plan is an “absolute gift” to the industry.

“The Baucus framework is just an absolute joke,” said Potter, Cigna’s former head of corporate communications who has been speaking out against insurance industry practices. “It is an absolute gift to the industry. And if that is what we see in the legislation, (America’s Health Insurance Plans chief) Karen Ignagni will surely get a huge bonus.”

Potter said the proposal would not provide affordable coverage. It gives the industry too much latitude to charge higher premiums based on age and geographic location, fails to mandate employer coverage, and pushes consumers into plans with limited benefits, Potter said.

update on the knee….

i have to get to what weight?????


after several x-rays and an MRI, the ortho-guy says i have to lose weight before he will even consider working on it. can’t blame him. sooooo….first i joined weight watchers and then joined the ymca…..must lose the entire weight of a slightly below average male human. the pain in the knee will be my constantly screaming life coach as i finally put the fork down and pick up some steel…along with some nice poolside water therapy. the insurance guys got off easy this time. meanwhile getting intimate with piroxicam, meloxicam and aleve. kind of anti-climactic. we’ll see how the leeches do with the bills that i did run up.

all i can say is…better than a lot of things that could have happened. losing weight is number one priority. maybe i can have a new knee by this time next year. must say i am impressed with st patrick’s so far- and the missoula ymca. that is a fine outfit over there, also. weight-watchers looks great so far too- really like the online program so far. even can be accessed with blackberry too. cause everyone knows a bear loves blackberries.

tea partiers- go ahead and protest away….

and let’s all remember to exercise our freedoms…..some countries don’t have it so good…..


norma rae loses final battle



9/12 revolt – rock ridge style!


sure looks like this crowd only comes in one color. wonder if they are all related to some guy named johnson?

they are against government intrusion into health care. fine. but every one knows what they are really against don’t we?

the face of hope is young….

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the two most powerful warriors are patience and time. – leo tolstoy

eventually, ignorance gives way to knowledge; hatred to love; fear to courage…  just know this. the face of change is always young.